AI: Daniela Christiansson

AI: Daniela Christiansson

In this ‘tell all’ sequel of A Model’s Journey to the Runway series, Daniela Christiansson shares her exploration into sustainability through her artform and all about her journey as a model and sustainable ambassador.

“So many people say that between models there is so much competition and maybe there are but it’s not at all that you compete with each other because its is all about the character and what the buyers like”

Daniela Christiansson


Model Daniela Christiansson black and white portrait.

Swedish grown, model Daniela Christiansson was first discovered at age fourteen while she was on holiday.


I was asked to come model to Paris and my father said no, no, no, no.

The distance troubled her father and due to her youth, he prefered her to finish school and reside close to family in Switzerland, the French side near Geneva, until her adult years.

I can speak about 6 languages thanks to living in Switzerland and my background. (French, German, English, Swedish, Spanish, Italian)

Although it never crossed Daniela’s mind that she would one day follow her mother’s footsteps, for she had also been a international Swedish model, Daniela’s future seem to have a mind of its own.


After high school, Daniela started traveling and went onto finish her schooling and graduating with a degree in Business Administration and collecting trades that would help out in her future as a Sustainable Ambassador.


My first show and shoot was at fifteen in Switzerland and at eighteen I visited Milan and it is where I discovered my agency Major GD modeling agency.  I returned to Switzerland and after that my career took off. I traveled to Milan, Germany, Munich, Switzerland, London, Tokyo and New York. Now I’ve been living in Milan for 4 years, perfect for me because I work and visit family and I am able to work in different areas. It is very central to me and my life.

My favorite and most unforgettable shoot was Nina Ricci’s shoot- I was doing the video for Mon Secret, a video commercial. I had to be there at 5am to shoot; so in modeling you have insane hours and you never know, keep in mind you shoot for summer in winter and winter in summer’s clothes. So it’s super cold and I was barefoot but the atmosphere was so beautiful and the bird, the castle and the fog…

It was all so magical!


Daniela shared all her stories of growing up in the Modeling Industry as well as all the dish about her pre-modeling rituals.

Model Daniela Christiansson playful close up

“I say this all the time I try to keep my life healthy and very active, so it makes me stay in shape and ready. Every time before the job you have to get all prepped and cleaned. You need to get your rest and sometimes it is very hard to get enough sleep. It’s like getting ready for a date and looking as neutral as possible.

Although one of her recent Green Fashion Weeks photo for KRIE got picked up on ELLE Croatia, Daniela like any good #girlboss still dreams big in hopes to one day model for the famous Vogue magazine. For when I asked if she had any modeling bucket list her only response was…

Model Daniela Christiansson posing for Photographer

To model for Vogue

I am Swedish, it is part of our way of living.

When first meeting Daniela Christiansson at ‘Green Fashion Week 5th Edition’, I was immediately attracted to her love for sustainable fashion, rest assured her involvement in the green fashion movement is more than what meets the eye for her eco- consciousness was instilled at an early age.

Model Daniela Christiansson with her pink sustainability sweater

It started with blogging, my father always encouraged me to write and later I became involved in sustainability along with my boyfriend Maxi Lopez.

Model Daniela Christiansson and Boyfriend soccer player Maxi Lopez

Green sustainable living is the concept I want to spread.

I have a very big project coming out that I am currently working on with the United Nations and Alcott group and I am very excited about it, it’s going to be very cool and I am trying to send a message throughout these venues.

Daniela’s reason to place in contact and connect everyone from the United Nations, Allcot,  Models, Fashionistas and Influencers was all as an effort to send a message and to reach as many people as possible.

With Climate Neutral Now bringing awareness of reducing and measuring climate footprint.

Daniela’s involvement with Green Fashion Week is essential to the movement for she is the founder of the concept and due to her collaboration and achievements she has now taken a role of ambassador and spokesmodel.


Green Fashion week came about in Paris- when I met with my friend who is a designer and we got the idea to do a shoot with Eco- friendly clothing and that’s how the idea started. Later when I approached my agency, Major GD, to see if they had any association that would be interested in jumping on board with the concept. Guido Dolci loved the concept and became involved and now it has grown.


SO LET’S TALK ABOUT GREENMODELME.COM  is currently on hold because I am working on the concept and will have a new look coming soon. But I’ve been focusing on doing more videos and photos INSTAGRAM @thegreenfashionista which is a collaboration with Eluxe magazine  @eluxemagazine.


 Featuring all the brands of product and clothing that are  eco- friendly and Daniela Christiansson APPROVED.

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