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Get Ready, Set, Cars and Couture Runway!

  Tacoma is not my side of the City but when Fashion Distrcit NW invited The Citizen Life to cover Cars and Couture Fashion Show presented by Architech held at LeMay- America's Car Museum, I knew I had to make an appearance.   []     Okay, so I wasn't modeling, but from the vibe I got as soon as I walked in the door, I might as well have been. My guest and I got to walk down the runway itself as we mingled with other fashionistas such as Frilancy Hoyle and the Seattle Gents.             []   Designer line up read the following: Dawnamatrix followed by Gustavo Apiti Couture, Dream Dresses by PMN, Carole McClellan and closing the Runway was Lisa Marie Couture. There was also a Vendor lounge where featured artist and booth vendors were able to showcase. I never miss the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Designers and their wonderful designs- Follow us on Social Media to Get the INSIDER SCOOP.   Get Set, GO!   Dawnamatrix first design to walk down #carsandcouture17 Runway. Photographer Jared Ribic Dawnamatrix Second look down the Runway, Ooh She's On FIRE! Photographer Jared Ribic Dawnamatrix Third look down the Runway. Dawn Mostow's juxtaposition with the latex material and the classic silhouettes SCREAM cruising wear. Photographer Jared Ribic   Dawnamatrix fourth look is Electric! Her use of color to make this dress POP! It's just exquisite. All eyes are on Sabrina and couture. Photographer Jared Ribic Dawnamatrix fifth look is a true inspiration of LeMay America Car Museum. The slickness in the latex resembles to that of a luxurious Ferrari. Photographer Jared Ribic   Dawnamatrix Models full line up on the Runway. Photographer Jared Ribic   Keep in mind that although it may seem like a long Runway- Julie Dang, event mc, did announced a 20min intermission. Which every Fashionista knows it's perfect time to freshen up your lipstick and mingle with the show attendees and let's not forget about the bubbly refill.   [] [] []                 [] [] []                             EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW + LIVE RUNWAY   Dream Dresses by PMN First Design to walk down #carsandcouture17. Photographer Jared Ribic [easy-image-collage id=1259] Dream Dresses by PMN Second design to walk down the Runway has an exquisite bodice, front and back, it's so full lace detail. What romantic and minimalistic wedding gown design! Right Photographer Erik Christiansen//Left Photographer Jared Ribic   Dream Dresses by PMN Third design features such lovely play on a veil and billowy sleeves. The beading on the veil sleeves is absolute divine and timeless. Photographer Jared Ribic   Dream Dresses by PMN Fourth design is a blue beauty,talk about feeling like a Millennial Princess flowing down the Runway. Photographer Jared Ribic [easy-image-collage id=1262] Dream Dresses by PMN Fourth design to walk #carsandcouture17 Runway. All detail, I absolutely ADORE when it comes to gowns! The expose buttons, beading, lace sleeves and appliqués and light blue Tule Galore! Photographer Jared Ribic Dream Dresses by PMN Models walking the Runway next to some serious Horse Power. Photographer Jared Ribic   Dream Dresses by PMN Fifth gown is a Classic approach to a mermaid silhouette. Very elegant, sexy and chic. Photographer Jared Ribic   Dream Dresses by PMN Fifth gown has a stunning train that runs for days. Perfect for a church wedding. Photographer Jared Ribic Dream Dresses by PMN Sixth design is such beauty in lace, that also features the lovely play on a veil and billowy sleeves Phuong Minh Nguyen has introduced us to in this collection. J'ADORE! Photographer Jared Ribic       Dream Dresses by PMN Sixth design close up in detail; also features the lovely play on a veil and billowy sleeves made resembling fish net veil. Photographer Jared Ribic Dream Dresses by PMN Seventh design is so sassy with flair. The capped lace sleeves against the semi exposed mid-drift makes for a perfect sexy gown for a classy affair. Photographer Jared Ribic [easy-image-collage id=1263] Dream Dresses by PMN Eighth design has a cape veil that drops to the floor and leads to a train. The lace detail neckline and beaded Veil makes quite the statement and does not hide the lace long sleeve gown. May I Say 'I do' Again? Photographer Jared Ribic Dream Dresses by PMN Ninth design features the lovely play of a veil and billowy sleeves. However, in mind it is furthermore romanticized by the resembling of a traditional wedding lasso rosary that stand as a symbol of unity. Ladies, its safe to say that you can get sexy and traditional, no more compromises when it comes to your Dream Wedding Gown. Photographer Jared Ribic   [easy-image-collage id=1264] Dream Dresses by PMN Tenth and final design is a breath taking gown! Look's as if it has just stepped out of a Fairy Tale. Phuong Minh Nguyen ops for the traditional veil in this finale. long sleeve gown with a lace bodice and lace appliqués leading to a light blue tule bottom and all around the edges of the train. This is a gown befitting of a winter luxurious wedding, Save The Date! JUST LOOK at those strategically placed appliqués on the traditional veil, giving off the vibe of fluidity and lux. Photographer Jared Ribic   DESIGNER, INFLUENCERS + BEHIND THE SCENES   [] [] []     [] []             [] [] []                                           [] [] []                         Written By: Claudia H Brady Media: Fashion District and The Citizen Life media coverage   []   TCL wants to know: Which was your favorite Runway? Leave us a comment below, Follow us on INSTA + subscribe to our Youtube Channel!
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Eco sustainable Green Fashion Week in LA

AWAKENING YOUR STYLE The awakening of our society is going full speed towards the nurturing path leading to the recovery from all the harm we've done thus far. Thankfully it is never too late to re-adjust our habits and align our lifestyles with the GREEN movement, because this way of life is here to stay. The option to go Green in 2017 is now so 'at the tip of our fingers' and so easily accessible, not to mention widely available, so you see why it's nearly impossible to not opt for green which is clearly the best option. Lest we forget that we are accountable to the citizens who come after us? Just as our ancestors have paved the runway we now take off from straight from LA, let's explore the mystic world of green living.
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Kromagnon is a sustainable and Eco-friendly high street label featuring both menswear and womenswear. They are based out of  New York City with Kristen Luong at helm as the owner and creative director, KROMAGNON's mission is to prove that sustainable and Eco-friendly clothing can be trendy, fashionable and amazing. Let me just tell you that it is everything they promised and much more.
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Welcome to 'America' Green Fashion Week! At last, you've come to our neck of the woods and we are just so ecstatic to be a part of this eco-conscious movement within the Fashion Industry. Now, let’s talk details shall we?     Green fashion week is a non-profit United Nations initiative promoting the development of sustainable fashion. We are ‘kicking off’ the event at the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where all the participating eco designers will be spotted. First up, on March 31st, we will witness a lingerie and bikini green fashion show at one of the Beverly Hills Celebrity Villa. Wait, what?! Yes, that’s right! Green fashion week has selected 8 luxury designers to feature their spring/summer eco-collections. Amongst them is my dearest friend Kristen Luong, the owner and creative director of Kromagnon; an eco-friendly high street label brand based out of New York City. On Saturday April 1st the selected designers and their teams will be caravanning to Death Valley Junction and join a selective viewing of a cinema premiere. On the following day, April 2nd, we will be at Death Valley for photoshoot galore and a collective fashion show as a night-cap at Furnace Creek. That’s not all my Citizens! Come Monday, April 3rd, we will be continuing the photoshoot and video fun at Sandy Valley and will partake in a short film set, oh la la! In case I haven't enticed you enough, Green fashion week will be concluding Tuesday April 4th with an exclusive sustainable fashion show at Kingston Ranch. This movement is now taking the fashion industry by storm, so sit back and take a front row seat while The Citizen Life Street Team takes you behind the scenes of this Luxurious Green Fashion week. Let the Fashion shows begin! WRITTEN BY CLAUDIA H BRADY Tag your Instagram picture with ‘#iamcitizen’ to show us your Eco-friendly wear. #iamcitizen #wearethecitizenlife #laliving #ecowear #sustainablefashion #greenfashionweek #ecoconscious #thenewestfashion #trending #lalaland #hollywood #hollywoodroosevelt #kromagnon #fashionista #blogger #stylistlife 
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As I waltzed through the doors of Canvas Event Space, I could sense the designers' eagerness to share with us their debut collections. It was apparent that the designers and producing team challenged their skills learned during their time at The Art Institute of Seattle. Aeon Neue Fashion is a student ran runway show brought to you by AIS Runway District. The citizen life joined our fellow fashionistas on March 15th, 2017 and bringing YOU the 'New-New' in Seattle's Fashion. Take a stroll with me into the world of our future creative minds in Fashion.
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