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THE CITIZEN LIFE ORIGINS PODCAST WITH LYREL MEDIA. Lyrel Media's very own Erin Lyrel invited me back to her podcast after my initial participation at 'Trade for Print Podcast'. This time around She contacted me for an interview, in which I got to share all about my seeding vision for The Citizen Life. In this interview Erin and I converse all about my involvement in the fashion + art community- our traveling explorations into sustainable fashion and musings of self reflection as well as inspirational interviews of artist's making an impact and redefining their trade. TO SEE ALL OF OUR INTERVIEWS, COVERAGE +BEHING THE SCENES & LIVE CONTENT- VISIT OUT CHANNEL BELOW.
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The first time I laid my eyes on Cassie was during crunch time at Eco Fashion Week 2016. She had been cast to walk the runway and stepped in for a no-show, which saved our runway line up. This is the essence of Cassie Yuan. Her beauty is more than meets the eye, a designer student by calling and a runway model to embrace her long time love to all that is fashion. I’ve asked Cassie to join me for an evening of conversation about her upcoming debut at Aeon Neue Fashion, her experience as a designer student launching her own line XIAO TONG and to dish about her time as a model.
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It was the evening of Friday the 13th and I'm not superstitious however we thought it would be a thrill to step out on the town and press our luck. So we decided to do a very traditional date on a day that is 'simply taboo', we went to the theater. My wife chose 'Love Train Play' written and directed by Adam Hutchinson, starring Amy Mayes, Andrew Davies and Tony Magaña Jr. As the play commenced we sat on the very last row of the armory theater, whilst sipping pinot we entered a love story that would push boundaries and spark self discovery. After the show I was able to catch up with Tony Magaña Jr (casted as Daniel, one of the leading roles) and chat about the play, his future roles, likes and dislikes and lest we forget fashion.
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